401 Edwards Street, Suite 1400
Shreveport, LA 71101-3143
Phone (318) 222-0517
Fax (318) 424-3256


John T. Palmer Chairman
Kenneth J. Whitehurst President
Richard W. Palmer Vice president
Barbara P. Pou Secretary


Department Heads:

Exploration John T. Palmer
Operations Ronnie Madole
Land Tom Giles
Legal Jim Weiss
Geophysics Mike Roberts
Accounting Laura Speir, CPA










Palmer Petroleum's 24-hour emergency numbers
1-800-598-5329 (Alabama)
318-222-0517 (Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas)

Oil and natural gas pipelines are an integral part of our nation's energy infrastructure; in fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, pipelines are both the most reliable and cost-effective way of transporting energy products.

However, buried pipelines also represent a risk, and caution must be taken before doing any excavation work. Please call 811, your state's One Call Center, at least 48 hours prior to any excavation work. Trained technicians will inspect and mark the locations of any near-by buried pipeline at no cost to you.